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Regulations of the Inner Mongolia Autonoumous Region on administration of small food production and processing workshops and food vendors.

Territorial subdivision
Inner Mongolia - Nei Mongol
Document type
Food & nutrition
Authorization/permit Food additives Food quality control/food safety Fraud Hygiene/sanitary procedures Inspection Internal trade Offences/penalties Packaging/labelling Processing/handling Transport/storage Treated food Vending Registration
Geographical area
Asia, Asia and the Pacific, East Asian Seas, Eastern Asia, North Pacific, North-West Pacific

The purpose of these Regulations is to standardize production and business activities of small food production and processing workshops and food vendors, strengthen the management of food safety, and ensure the health and life safety of the general public. The Measures consist of 42 articles divided into 6 Chapters: General provisions (I); Production and processing of small food workshops (II); Business operation of food vendors (III); Supervision and inspection; (IV); Legal liabilities (V); Supplementary provisions (VI). In order to engage in food production and processing activities, a small workshop shall be registered in the local food and drug administration at county level and obtain the small food workshop registration certificate. The Autonomous Region shall apply a food variety catalog management system to small food production and processing workshops. The catalogue of food varieties which are forbiden to be produced and processed by small food workshops developed and published by the relevant departments of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region. Food vendors shall be filed by the food and drug adminstration of the local people's governmentsat the county level. The Measures impose restrictions to handling and processing food, store or package; provide for preventing and avoiding food adulteration, hygiene and safety requirements both for food products and manpower involved in food processing and vending, and requirements for food traceability and recording; set up supervision measures. The Measures further provide for offences and penalties.

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Food Safety Law (2021).

Legislation | China | 2009 (2021)

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