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Regulation on the implementation of the Programme of support to primary agricultural producers in livestock due to difficult business conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Agricultural & rural development, Livestock, Food & nutrition, General
Liability/compensation Hazards Financial agricultural measures Family farming Farming Agricultural development Milk/dairy products Poultry products Animal production Cattle Equine-animals Sheep/goats Poultry Swine
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Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Mediterranean, Southern Europe
Entry into force notes
This text entered into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 3 December 2021).

This Regulation, based on the provisions of the Croatian Law on the agriculture, prescribes the implementation of the Support Programme for Primary Agricultural Producers in Animal Husbandry due to difficult business conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Support under this Programme is granted on the basis of the Communication from the European Commission - Temporary Framework for State Aid Measures to Support the Economy in the Current COVID Pandemic 19, adopted on 19 March 2020. Measures in the implementation of the Programme are: Measure 1. Support in the cattle sector; Submeasure 1.1. Support for primary milk producers, Submeasure 1.2. Support for cow-calf cattle breeders and Submeasure 1.3. Support for fattening cattle breeders; Measure 2. Support in the pig sector, Sub-measure 2.1. Support for sow breeders, Submeasure 2.2. Support for fattening pig producers; Measure 3. Support in the sheep and goat sector; Measure 4. Support in the horse breeding sector; Measure 5. Support in the poultry sector, Submeasure 5.1. Support for the production of table eggs, Submeasure 5.2. Support for poultry meat production. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprise, among family farmers are beneficiaries of these measures.

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Law on agriculture (2018).

Legislation | Croatia | 2018

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