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Regulation on operational and inspection procedures and principles of poultry meat production facilities.

Document type
Original source
Official Journal No. 25694, 8 January 2005.
Livestock, Food & nutrition
Food quality control/food safety Poultry products Processing/handling Slaughtering Poultry Inspection
Geographical area
Asia, Black Sea, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, Mediterranean, Middle East, Western Asia
Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force 8 January 2005.

The objective of this regulation is to define the operational and inspection procedures and principles of poultry meat combines, slaughter houses, warehouses, processing facilities, packaging facilities, as well as by-products processing and packaging facilities. This regulation is not applicable to retailer facilities. Companies and individuals who wish to operate such facilities are obliged to apply to the provincial governors with the required documents. Details are given in the regulation. Provincial administrations will then submit a survey report to the General Directorate of Protection and Controlling for final licensing. Facilities must establish all physical mandatory requirements that are specified in the regulation. These requirements are listed separately by facility types. Special requirements for slaughtering, processing, storing, packaging, cold-preserving, and transportation are also given in detail. In slaughter houses overall management will be conducted only by veterinaries, and in other facilities management could be handled by veterinaries, food engineers, and/or by agricultural engineers specialized in food science and animal science. Facility managements are obliged to notify pertinent authorities in case of any disease outbreak or suspicious animal deaths. Facilities shall keep detailed records of all activities and maintain these records for minimum of five years.

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