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Regulation No. 31 of the Ministry of Agriculture regarding validation of the list of species of farm animals which are subject to marking, method and procedure for marking and registration of such animals and procedure for issue of registration certificates.

Document type
2000 (2001)
Marking/identification Cattle Sheep/goats Swine Inspection
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Northern Europe

Farm animals are identified by way of marking and shall be registered in the register of farm animals. The authorised processor of the register is the Agricultural Registers and Information Board. The species of farm animals subject to marking are the following: 1) goats; 2) sheep; 3) pigs; 4) bovine animals. Upon the marking a goat, sheep, pig or bovine animal, an ear tag bearing a non-recurrent registration number which remains the same throughout the lifetime of the animal is applied to the animal. Farm animals are marked by the owners of the animals or persons authorised by the owners. The Animal Recording Centre shall allocate ear tags and applicators necessary for the marking of goats, sheep, pigs and bovine animals for a charge. Marking shall be removed or replaced only with the permission of the processor. The Regulation consists of 12 Paragraphs and contains 2 Annexes. Paragraph 1 lays down general provisions. Paragraph 2 classifies species of farm animals subject to marking. Paragraph 3 regards marking of farm animals. Paragraph 4 regards marking of goats. Paragraph 5 regards marking of sheep. Paragraph 6 regards marking of pigs. Paragraph 7 regards marking of bovine animals. Paragraph 8 regards marking and registration of imported farm animals. Paragraph 9 establishes procedure for registration of farm animals. Paragraph 10 establishes procedure for issue of registration certificates of farm animals. Paragraph 11 regards supervision of marking and registration of farm animals. Paragraph 12 lays down implementing provisions.

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