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Regulation № 2 of 20 January 2021 on the specific requirements for the safety and quality of food offered in kindergartens, school canteens and retail outlets on the territory of schools and kindergartens, as well as for food offered at organized events for children and students.

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Food & nutrition
Food quality control/food safety School feeding Standards Milk/dairy products Meat Fish products Potable water Mineral water Oils/oilseeds/fats Vegetables/legumes Fruits/edible nuts Treated food Cereals/grains/rice Agricultural commodities
Geographical area
Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
This text entered into force fourteen days after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 29 January 2021).

This Regulation, as for the purposes of the Bulgarian Law on food, determines several specific requirements related to the safety and quality of food, offered in children's establishments, and/or school canteens and sites for retail trade on the territory of schools and of children's establishments. These requirements shall be applied also to foods offered at organized events for children and students, as well as for foods offered in out-of-school pedagogical establishments for children. Topics covered by this text are as follows: specific requirements for meat and meat products; specific requirements for milk and milk products; specific requirements for fish, fishery products and other seafood; specific requirements for eggs; specific requirements for oils and fats; specific requirements for cereals and cereal-based foods; specific requirements for potatoes, root crops and legumes; specific requirements for fruits, vegetables and their products (vegetables - raw, cooked, preserved, frozen, dried, fermented, vegetable juices and fruits - fresh, frozen, dried, preserved, in the form of nectars and fruit juices, jams, marmalades, jellies and compotes); specific requirements for nuts and oilseeds, sugar, sugar and chocolate products, honey; specific requirements for other foods - fruit and herbal teas, table salt; specific requirements for bottled natural mineral, spring and table water.

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Law on Food.

Legislation | Bulgaria | 1999 (2017)

Keyword: Food quality control/food safety, Mineral water, Genetically modified organism (GMO), Packaging/labelling, Processing/handling, Registration, Transport/storage, Authorization/permit, International trade, Offences/penalties