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Regulation No. 1 on the survey, use and protection of groundwater.

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State Gazette No. 57, 14 July 2000.
Groundwater Freshwater resources management Research Data collection/reporting Waste disposal Effluent waste water/discharge Pollution control Freshwater pollution Hazardous substances
Geographical area
Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
The Regulation enters into force on 14 July 2000.

The Regulation sets out the requirements for the research, use and protection of groundwater. The text of the Regulation is divided into nine Chapters, Additional, Transitional and Final Provisions and three Annexes. Chapter 1 deals with general requirements. Chapters 2 sets out the requirements for the research in the groundwater sector. Its four units deal with the modalities of conducting hydrogeological researches; the requirements to be met by investors and researchers and their control; the requirements and modalities for conducting hydrogeological researches and the requirements for the documentation to be submitted by the researchers. Chapter 3 regulates the use of groundwater and its three units deal with the general conditions, groundwater resources, the exploitation and the capacity of water intakes as well as permits for water use. Chapter 4 sets out the specific requirements for the construction of water wells and the free use of water. Chapter 5 deals with the protection of groundwater resources. Its four units contain the provisions for the general conditions, the discharge of wastewater containing hazardous and dangerous substances into groundwater, the establishment of criteria related to groundwater as well as groundwater bodies under specific regime with a view to ensure groundwater protection. Chapter 6 prescribes the actions in case of pollution and damage of groundwaters and the protection against their harmful impact. Chapter 7 regulates groundwater monitoring. Chapter 8 deals with state-owned mineral waters and the public water system. Chapter 9 deals with administrative and penal liability. All definitions are given in the additional provisions. Schedule I contains a list of dangerous substances that cannot be discharged into groundwater. Schedule II contains a list of hazardous substances that can be discharged upon issuance of a permit. Schedule 3 establishes desirable limits for different substances contained in groundwater.

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