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Public Health Act (1995)

Document type
1995 (2019)
Original source
RT I 1995, 57, 978
Environment gen., Food & nutrition, Water
Public health Disinfection/disinfestation Governance Environmental standards Radiation Noise pollution Standards Protection of environment Potable water Mineral water Food quality control/food safety Hygiene/sanitary procedures Nutrition Breastfeeding/infant food Internal trade Water supply Water quality standards Recreational water use Thermal and medicinal waters Data collection/reporting
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Northern Europe

This Act regulates public health. The purpose of this Act is to protect human health, prevent diseases and promote health, which is to be achieved through the performance of duties by the state, local governments, legal persons in public law, legal persons in private law and natural persons, and through the system of national and local measures. The basic requirements for protection of the physical and social environment and health are no person shall endanger the health of other persons by his or her direct action or by harming the physical and social environment; the development and spread of infection and other health hazards shall be prevented in the manufacture, preparation, transport, preservation and sale of foodstuffs intended for sale; drinking water and bathing water shall be safe for health; packaged natural mineral water and spring water shall be safe for health; consumer goods, in particular products for children, shall be produced from such materials and in such a way that ordinary use is safe for human health; cosmetic products shall be of such composition and be handled in such way that upon the intended use such products are safe for human health; the same requirements shall apply to goods produced in and imported to Estonia; the use of ultraviolet radiation, infra-red radiation, radio-frequency radiation, low-frequency radiation and static electric and magnetic fields (non-ionizing radiation) and visible light sources shall comply with the requirements, be safe for human health and comply with the established limits; the level of noise, vibration, ultrasound or infrasound shall not cause health disorders and shall comply with the requirements established for rest and non-work areas; and keeping, transport, burial and reburial of bodies shall be organised such that it would not endanger human health. In addition, the Act provides for the Water and Health Safety Information System.

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