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Presidential Decree No. 223/20 approving the Statute of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA).

Document type
Original source
Diário da República, I Série, No. 132.
Energy, Water
Institution Energy conservation/energy production Hydropower generation Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Water rights Water supply Sustainable development
Geographical area
Africa, Central Africa, Least Developed Countries, South Atlantic
Entry into force notes
This Presidential Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.

This Presidential Decree approves the Statute of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA). The Statute, consisting of 22 articles divided into four Chapters and two Annexes, establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the MINEA, as an auxiliary Ministerial Department of the President of the Republic. Its main purpose is to propose the formulation, conduct, execution and control of the Executive's policy in the fields of energy and water. In addition, the Ministry shall: propose and promote the execution of the policy to be pursued by the Energy and Water sectors; establish strategies, promote and coordinate the rational use of energy and water resources, ensuring their sustainable development; draw up, within the framework of the general planning of the country's economic and social development, sectoral plans relating to the areas of action; propose and promote the national policy on electrification, the general use of water resources, their protection and conservation, as well as the water supply and wastewater sanitation policy; promote research activities with repercussions in the respective areas of activity; elaborate legislation on the legal framework for the energy, water and wastewater sanitation sectors; propose the institutional model for carrying out the activities of production, transport, distribution and sale of electricity and promote its implementation, etc.

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Presidential Decree No. 24/18 approving the Statute of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA).

Legislation | Angola | 2018

Keyword: Institution, Energy conservation/energy production, Hydropower generation, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Water rights, Water supply, Sustainable development


Implemented by

Executive Decree n. 109/21 approving the Internal Regulation of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Energy and Water.

Legislation | Angola | 2021

Keyword: Institution, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Registration, Research, Energy conservation/energy production, Freshwater resources management, Sustainable development