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Presidential Decree No. 115/21 approving the Statute of the Geographical and Cadastral Institute of Angola (IGCA).

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Land & soil
Public land Agricultural land Survey/mapping Access-to-information Registration
Geographical area
Africa, AFRICA FAO, Central Africa, Least Developed Countries, South Atlantic
Entry into force notes
This Presidential Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.

This Presidential Decree approves the Statute of the Geographical and Cadastral Institute of Angola (IGCA). The Statute, consisting of 29 articles divided into five Chapters and six Annexes, establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the IGCA, entitled to ensure the regulation and execution of the Executive's policy, in the geographic and cadastral domains at the national level. The IGCA is subject to the superintendence of the head of the Ministerial Department responsible for the Territorial Planning Sector. The IGCA has the following functions: Prepare, promote and update technical standards and specifications for topo-geodesic, cartographic, photogrammetric and land registry works; Define the National Geodetic System and the National Cartographic Projection Systems; Ensure the establishment and consolidation of the National Geodetic Network; Promote the coverage and updating of cartography in the national territory; Organize the processes for granting urban and rural land concessions, which are not under the jurisdiction of Local Authorities; Assign the Building Identification Number (NIP); Issue the Land Registry Certificate; Promote the execution, conservation and renewal of the land registry; Establish technical guidelines that guarantee the quality and standards of the information contained in the land registry; Carry out inspection processes; Approve the registration work prepared by public and/or private entities; Guarantee the proper functioning, quality and permanent updating of the computerized registry; Organize and maintain the land; Organize and carry out the technical work relating to the demarcation of State land and reserves; Develop, coordinate and manage the Angolan Territorial Infrastructure Data (IDEA), etc.

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