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Plant Varieties Protection Act.

Document type
1985 (2016)
Cultivated plants
Plant production Plant variety Institution Breeders' rights/farmers' rights Data collection/reporting Intellectual property rights/patents Offences/penalties Basic legislation
Geographical area
Europe, European Union Countries, Western Europe

An Act to regulate the protection of new plant varieties. It defines at the outset certain terms therein employed, such as "varieties", "species", "country of the Union", etc. Protection is granted by the Office for Protection of New Plant Varieties only if a variety is new, constant, homogenous and distinguishable. As a result, only entitled persons are authorized to produce, sell or export seeds of the protected variety. At the same time, they must ensure the production of the protected variet

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Implements treaty

International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (consolidated version)

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Keyword: Institution, Plant production, Plant protection, Breeders' rights/farmers' rights, Intellectual property rights/patents, Plant variety, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Crops/grasses

Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001119)

Implements treaty

Agreement on Trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

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Convention on Biological Diversity

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Source: IUCN (ID: TRE-001148)