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Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments .

Papua New Guinea
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1995 (1998)
Original source
Papua New Guinea Consolidated Legislation.
Agricultural & rural development, Livestock, Environment gen., Fisheries, Land & soil, Water
Agricultural development Local government Institution Governance Policy/planning Agro-forestry Certification Community management Ecological production/organic production Gender Business/industry/corporations Internal trade International trade Monitoring Public health Rural employment Social protection Sustainable use Crops/grasses Basic legislation Environmental planning Fishery management and conservation Cadastre/land registration Traditional rights/customary rights Liability/compensation Animal production Water supply
Geographical area
Asia and the Pacific, Melanesia, Oceania, Small Island Developing States, South Pacific

This Act provides with respect to local government in accordance with section 187B of the Constitution, which requires an Organic Law to provide for, or make provision in respect of, the form and the manner of establishment of the Provincial Governments and the Local-level Governments. The system of Provincial Governments established by this Organic Law applies to the government of the National Capital District and the provisions of this Organic Law relating to Provincial Governments apply to the National Capital District. The Law, among other things; establishes a Provincial Government for each province; provides for establishment of Local-level Governments (An Act of the Parliament shall make provision for a system of Local-level Governments for rural and urban communities); provide with respect to administration of provinces, districts and communities; provides for the appointment in each province of an office of Provincial Administrator, and, in each district, an office of District Administrator; requires each Provincial Government and Local-level Government to comply with certain standards and requirements (including the National Goal on Natural Resources and Environment; assigns legislative powers to Provincial Government law and Local-level Governments. All levels of government and governmental bodies shall recognise traditional land rights and other rights and shall ensure that adequate compensation is made for the loss of such rights.

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Implemented by

National Health Administration Act No. 35 of 1997.

Legislation | Papua New Guinea | 1997

Keyword: Basic legislation, Capacity building, Community management, Ecological production/organic production, Environmental standards, Financing, Institution, Local government, Monitoring, Policy/planning, Public health, Waste disposal, Data collection/reporting, Standards, Protection of environment, Water supply


Amended by

Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-Level Governments (Amendment) (No. 13) Law 2014.

Legislation | Papua New Guinea | 2014

Keyword: Institution, Governance, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings