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Order No. 1629 on payment for control of food, feed and live animals etc.

Document type
Livestock, Food & nutrition
Certification Milk/dairy products Game Sheep/goats Hygiene/sanitary procedures Inspection International trade Meat Poultry products Residues Royalties/fees Transport/storage Swine Food quality control/food safety Animal feed/feedstuffs Animal production Animal reproduction Birds Equine-animals Ranching/captive breeding Cattle Drugs Poultry Registration Research Animal health
Geographical area
Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries, North Sea, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe
Entry into force notes
1 January 2020.

This Order concerns the payment of fees for financing inspections, etc. including supervision, authorization, registration, approval, notification, certification and examination of food, feed, live animals and businesses, as well as equipment and products, including non-food and non-animal products. It covers also inspections of fish and fishery products. The Order does not cover payable fees according to the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs Regulation, payments for setting maximum levels of pesticide residues in plant and animal products (meat and fish, milk and eggs), or payments for certain veterinary laboratory tests. A basic fee of DKK 648 shall be paid for authorization, approval, registration, certification, supervision or control etc. in connection with live animals, agricultural holdings with animal production and animal non-food products, including by-products, in addition to DKK 910 per quarter of an hour. No inspection fee is paid for regular inspections in food businesses, except for slaughterhouses covered by Chapter 2. A fee of DKK 731 per quarter of an hour shall be paid for controls on imports of live animals and animal products, etc., foods, including certain non-animal foods subject to import restrictions or intensified controls, as well as materials and articles intended for contact with food, from countries or territories not members of the European Union (third countries). A basic fee of DKK 2931 shall be paid for permits for animal experiments pursuant to section 1 of the Animal Experiments Act. A fee of DKK 365 is paid for inspections pertaining to control of use of antibiotics in pigs. Issuance of identification documents (passport) to equines shall be implemented in adherence to EU provisions. Fees are calculated for each document on the basis of Annex 5 listed rates.

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