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National Forest and Tree Planting Act, 2003 (No. 8 of 2003).

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An Act to provide for the conservation, sustainable management and development of forests for the benefit of the people of Uganda; to provide for the declaration of forest reserves for purposes of protection and production of forests and forest produce; to provide for the sustainable use of forest resources and the enhancement of the productive capacity of forests; to provide for the promotion of tree planting; to consolidate the law relating to the forest sector and trade in forest produce; to establish a National Forestry Authority; to repeal the Forest Act, Cap. 246 and the Timber (Export) Act Cap. 247; and for related matters.
Forestry, Wild species & ecosystems
Basic legislation Forest management/forest conservation Forestry protection measures Timber extraction/logging Institution Protected area Classification/declassification Private forest Public forest Afforestation/reforestation Forest service/forest officers Ecosystem preservation Grazing/transhumance Enforcement/compliance Offences/penalties Authorization/permit Community management Management/conservation Biodiversity Protection of species
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Nations, Least Developed Countries

This Act makes provision for the conservation, management and development of forest resources in Uganda and establishes the National Forestry Authority and a fund for tree planting. The purposes of the Act include the creation of an integrated forest sector, conservation of biological diversity, the devolution of functions and powers in the forest sector and the sustainable development of that sector.

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