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Ministerial Joint Decree No. 98012/2001 establishing measures and terms on the disposal of waste oils.

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Land & soil, Water, Waste & hazardous substances
Pollution control Soil pollution/quality Oil pollution Waste non-domestic sources Waste management Waste disposal Effluent waste water/discharge Authorization/permit Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution
Geographical area
Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries, Mediterranean, Southern Europe
Entry into force notes
The Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.

The Decree aims at implementing article 12 (paragraphs 2, 3 and 4) of Law No. 1650/86 and also aims at harmonizing the Greek legislative framework with the provisions of Council Directive 87/101/EEC on the disposal of waste oils so as to improve the efficiency of waste oil collection and to take more stringent measures for the purpose of environmental protection (article 1). The Decree lays down the necessary measures to ensure the safe collection and disposal of waste oils. In particular, article 3 establishes that the following are to be prohibited: (1) any discharge of waste oils into internal surface waters, ground water, coastal waters and drainage systems; (2) any deposit or discharge of waste oils harmful to the soil and any uncontrolled discharge of residues resulting from the processing of waste oils; (3) any processing of waste oils causing air pollution which exceeds the level prescribed by existing provisions. Article 4 provides for the management of waste oils at a national and local level. Processing of waste oils must be done in specific undertakings. Any establishment producing, collecting or disposing of more than 400 litres of waste oils per year, must keep a record of the quantity, quality, origin and location of such oils and of their despatch and receipt as well as convey such information to the competent authorities on request (article 10). The competent authorities are established by article 7. Article 8 provides for the approval of environmental terms and issuance of a license to operate for any undertaking which disposes of waste oils.

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Council Directive 87/101/EEC amending Directive 75/439/EEC on the disposal of waste oils.

Legislation | 1986

Keyword: Pollution control, Waste management, Effluent waste water/discharge, Waste non-domestic sources


Repealed by

Presidential Decree No 82 replacing Ministerial Joint Decree No. 98012/2001/1996 and establishing measures and terms on the alternative disposal of waste lubricant oils.

Legislation | Greece | 2004

Keyword: Pollution control, Waste management, Waste disposal, Hazardous waste, Waste non-domestic sources, Certification, Recycling/reuse