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Law on nature protection.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Territorial subdivision
Federation BiH
Document type
Environment gen., Water, Wild species & ecosystems
Basic legislation Environmental planning Protected area Protection forest Protection of habitats Classification/declassification Subsidy/incentive Concession Financing Monitoring Data collection/reporting Ecosystem preservation Offences/penalties Policy/planning Sustainable development Biodiversity Management/conservation Protection of species Wild fauna Wild flora
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, Mediterranean, Southern Europe
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force eight days after its publication in the "Official Gazette".

This Law regulates the competence of bodies for nature protection on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including all general measures and provisions related to the nature conservation duties and requirements, impact assessment in nature, classification of habitat types and environmentally important areas, species and subspecies, the protection of wild birds, protection and conservation of biodiversity, forest ecosystems, karst ecosystems, water and wetland habitats, protection of marine and coastal natural resources, establishment of the European ecological network of protected areas-Natura 2000 protection measures for species and subspecies, transboundary movement of protected wild species and subspecies, protection measures for minerals and fossils, additional protected natural values, compensation, incentives, giving proposals for concessions on protected natural resources and protected natural objects and/or areas, planning and organization, inventorying and monitoring, access to information and public participation, promotion of education in the protection of nature, awards and prizes for achievements of goals in the field of protection of nature, financing aspects and inspection provisions.

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References - Legislation


Law on nature protection.

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Implemented by

Regulation on conditions and manner of establishing and maintaining the cadastre of speleological objects in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Regulation on the manner of conducting risk assessment and preparation of risk assessment study for introduction, re-introduction and breeding of foreign species and procedure for issuing permits for introduction of foreign species into the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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