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Law of No. 162/95-BP on the Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine.

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Fisheries, Sea
Marine fisheries Fishery management and conservation Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Court/tribunal Biodiversity Foreign fishing Management/conservation Maritime zone EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone Territorial sea Navigation Pollution control Waste disposal Hazardous substances Sovereignty
Geographical area
Black Sea, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Eastern Europe, Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA
Entry into force notes
The Law enters into force into force on 1 September 1995.

The Legislation on Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine consists of this Law and other Legislative Acts of Ukraine regulating the legal status of Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine. This Law delimits Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine by 200 sea miles and establishes that it includes territorial sea of Ukraine. Ukraine has the full jurisdiction in its Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone over the management and conservation of biodiversity, living resources and natural resources. Fisheries and harvest biodiversity and living resources by foreign juridical and physical persons inside Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine are regulated exclusively by International Agreements. Ukraine asserts its supreme authority over anadromous fish stock originating from its inland water basins. Legislative Acts and International Agreements of Ukraine regulate the prevention of water and environmental pollution inside Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine. This Law prohibits waste disposal and the disposal oh hazardous substances inside Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine. Illegal or fraudulent fisheries and harvest of living resources are liable to prosecution and the fines are calculated on the basis of such unit of measure as minimum monthly salary. Article 31 of this Law entitles the Coast Guard of Ukraine, the divisions of the Fisheries Ministry of Ukraine and the divisions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Security of Ukraine to enforce the application of this Law. If this Law contradicts regulations of the UN Convention on the Law of the sea of 1982 or any International Agreement of Ukraine in such cases are applicable the regulations of the Convention or of the corresponding International Agreement. This Law contains 32 articles.

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References - Legislation


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Implemented by

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