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Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Control Proclamation No. 1090/2018.

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Environment gen., Water, Waste & hazardous substances
Environmental planning Environmental standards Offences/penalties Polluter pays principle Recycling/reuse Sustainable development Effluent waste water/discharge Hazardous waste Organic waste Packaging/labelling Pollution control Public health Solid waste Waste disposal Waste domestic sources Waste management Waste non-domestic sources Waste prevention Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution
Geographical area
Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Countries, Least Developed Countries, Sahel

The objectives of this Proclamation is to create a system for the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous waste and to prevent the damage to human or animal health, the environment, biodiversity and property due to the mismanagement of hazardous waste. The law applies to certain categories of waste provided in the annex of the Proclamation and to persons who generate, reuse, recycle, store, transport, or dispose hazardous waste. The law provides for clean production as its overarching principle through; minimizing the release of hazardous waste by reducing or eliminating the hazardous substances in the raw materials during the production process, and monitoring the production process by reducing the wastage in input and product and creating conditions necessary for the collection and reusability or recyclability of the product after its expiry period. The law places certain responsibilities on the waste generator including, collecting, separating and disposal of wastes, proper packaging and labeling of wastes etc. The Proclamation also imbibes the polluter pays principle by its provision which places the responsibility on the polluter who damages the environment, human or animal health during transportation of and disposal of hazardous waste, to pay compensation. The Proclamation provides stiff penalties for the contravention of its provisions.

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