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Guidelines No. 9582 on subsidy to promote fisheries through projects on traceability.

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Subsidy/incentive Aquaculture Internal trade Fish products
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Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, North Sea, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe

The guidelines in this document should be considered when applying for a commitment of funding and subsidy in adherence to regulations under the Order of fisheries traceability. The guidelines and information hereof shall be useful for the procedure of subsidy grants, conditions thereof etc. All information shall also be accessible on the Danish AgriFish Agency's official website. The subsidy grant is part of the Danish Maritime and Fisheries Fund programme for 2014-2020, which aim is to contribute to reaching the EU 2020 objectives of sustainable development through the promotion of a common fisheries policy that balances environmental growth and employment in the fisheries and aquaculture areas. Grants for investments to support the implementation of these common fisheries policies by ensuring traceability of fishery and aquaculture products at all stages of production, processing and distribution shall be given to applicants that comply with inspection rules provided by Council Regulation No. 1224/2009 and Commission Regulation No. 404/2011. Non-eligible applicants are listed under point 8 of this document.

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Council Regulation (EC) No. 1224/2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy, amending Regulations (EC) No. 847/96, (EC) No. 2371/2002, (EC) No. 811/2004, (EC) No. 768/2005, (EC) No. 2115/2005, (EC) No. 2166/2005, (EC) No. 388/2006, (EC) No. 509/2007, (EC) No. 676/2007, (EC) No. 1098/2007, (EC) No. 1300/2008, (EC) No. 1342/2008 and repealing Regulations (EEC) No. 2847/93, (EC) No. 1627/94 and (EC) No. 1966/2006.

Legislation | European Union | 2009 (2019)

Keyword: Access-to-information, Allocation/quota, Aquaculture, Aquatic animals, Artisanal fishing, Biodiversity, Certification, Coastal zone management, Cooperative/producer organization, Data collection/reporting, Enforcement/compliance, Fishery management and conservation, Fishing area, Fishing authorization, Fishing gear/fishing method, Fishing vessel, Foreign fishing, Harbour, Inspection, International organization, International trade, Landing, Marine fisheries, Marine fishes, Maritime zone, Marking/identification, Monitoring, Non-commercial fishing, Offences/penalties, Precautionary principle, Processing/handling, Protected fishing area, Protection of species, Registration, Seasons, Size, Standards, Total allowable catch, Traceability/product tracing, Transport/storage


Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 404/2011 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1224/2009 establishing a Community control system, for ensuring compliance with the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Legislation | European Union | 2011

Keyword: Marine fisheries, Enforcement/compliance, Monitoring, Fishing vessel, Fishing authorization, Data collection/reporting, Inspection, International relations/cooperation, Fishery management and conservation, Foreign fishing, Authorization/permit


Order No. 910 on subsidy to promote fisheries through projects on traceability.

Legislation | Denmark | 2014

Keyword: Subsidy/incentive, Aquaculture, Internal trade, Fish products