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Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 1996.

Territorial subdivision
New South Wales
Document type
1996 (2007)
Forestry, Land & soil, Water
Forestry protection measures Forest management/forest conservation Indigenous peoples Environmental planning Protected area Land-use planning Subdivision of land Expropriation Policy/planning Water supply Sewerage Freshwater resources management Inland waters
Geographical area
Asia and the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Indian Ocean, Oceania, South Pacific

Principal aims and objectives of the Plan are: (a) to provide an updated and simplified plan for the area of Great Lakes; (b) to protect and enhance the environmental qualities of the area; (c) to promote the well-being of the area's population; (d) to provide a land use framework to guide the future use of the land within the area of Great Lakes; (e) to provide a basis for the preparation of detailed development control plans; (f) to improve opportunities for ecologically sustainable development; (g) to provide for the cultural needs of and the equitable provision of services and facilities for the community. The area is divided into several zones which are specified in Part 2 of the Plan. Special provisions aim inter alia at protecting specific tree species, ensuring adequate water and sewerage services in all residential and other habitable buildings, permitting temporary use of land for cultural activities, imposing restrictions on the subdivision of land, regulating the acquisition of land for community and road purposes, conserving the heritage of the Great Lakes area, identifying the procedures to be followed where the Council considers a development application for contaminated land, protecting the amenity of foreshore areas.

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Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Legislation | Australia | 1979 (2020)

Keyword: Cultural heritage, Indigenous peoples, Basic legislation, EIA, Environmental planning, Dispute settlement, Offences/penalties, Policy/planning, Aquaculture, Freshwater resources management, Sustainable development, Water conservation zone


Repealed by

Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014.

Legislation | Australia | 2014 (2018)

Keyword: Forestry protection measures, Forest management/forest conservation, Indigenous peoples, Environmental planning, Protected area, Land-use planning, Subdivision of land, Expropriation, Policy/planning, Water supply, Sewerage, Freshwater resources management, Inland waters