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Governmental Regulation no. 164 of 2017 concerning The list of documents to be submitted when applying for a commercial fishing permit, the procedure for issuing, suspending and revoking a fishing permit, the methodology for calculating fishing opportunities and the fishing permit application and fishing permit forms.

Document type
2017 (2021)
Original source
State Gazette I, no. 10 of 2017.
Authorization/permit Business/industry/corporations Fishing area Fishing authorization Fishing gear/fishing method Fishing vessel Procedural matters Allocation/quota Seasons Fishery management and conservation
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Northern Europe
Entry into force notes
1 December 2017.

This Regulation, based on the provisions of Sections 42 (6), 51 (2) and 59, subsection 1 (4) of the Fishing Act, concerns commercial fishing permits and related procedures. Matters covered by the Regulation include: application for commercial fishing permit for specified fishing vessels; historical fishing right; fishing with professional fishing gear on a privately owned body of water not intended for public use; documents to be submitted when applying for a commercial fishing permit; calculation and distribution of fishing opportunities; allocation of fishing opportunities in special cases; decision by the Agriculture and Food Board on fishing opportunities; reduction of fishing opportunities; list of applicant for a fishermen’s permit and data contained, including: business name and register code, permitted quantities of fish, time and place of fishing, data on fishing gear used; granting of licence for commercial fishing; conditions for issuing a commercial fishing permit; replacement of the fishing vessel or fisherman named in the commercial fishing permit; suspension and revocation of commercial fishing permit.

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