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Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (7 U.S.C. 2011-2036a)

United States of America
Document type
2008 (2014)
Original source
United States Code - Title 7 - Agriculture.
Long title
An Act to strengthen the agricultural economy; to help to achieve a fuller and more effective use of food abundances; to provide for improved levels of nutrition among low-income households through a cooperative Federal-State program of food assistance to be operated through normal channels of trade; and for other purposes.
Agricultural & rural development, Food & nutrition
Agricultural development Financial agricultural measures Indigenous peoples Food security Nutrition Breastfeeding/infant food
Geographical area
Americas, Arctic, East Pacific, North America, North Atlantic

This Act provides with respect to nutrition programmes and measures to strengthen the food production sector. Nutrition programs are designed for children and minority groups. Benefits received by households shall be used only to purchase food from retail food stores which have been approved for participation in the supplemental nutrition assistance program. Regulations issued to provide for the submission of applications for approval by retail food stores and wholesale food concerns which desire to be authorized to accept and redeem benefits under the supplemental nutrition assistance program. The Act also provide for support for traditional and locally-grown foods.

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Amended by

Agricultural Act of 2014.

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