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Fisheries and Marine Resources (Export of Fish and Fish Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. Government Notice no. 209 of 2012.

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Legal Supplement to the Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 119 of 29 November 2012.
Food & nutrition, Fisheries, Water
Animal feed/feedstuffs Animal health Biological control agents Processing/handling Drugs Fish disease Fishing vessel Landing Fishery management and conservation Fish products Inspection Potable water Traceability/product tracing Food quality control/food safety Certification International trade Public health Hygiene/sanitary procedures Waste management Cleaning agents/detergents Transport/storage Toxicity/poisoning Treated food Packaging/labelling HACCP Water supply
Geographical area
Africa, Eastern Africa, Indian Ocean, Small Island Developing States

These Regulations, made under section 74 of the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act no. 27 of 2007, provide for amendment of Fisheries and Marine Resources (Export of Fish and Fish Products) Regulations 2009. The amendments concern the replacement of the definition of registered person and the introduction of the following terms and definitions: audit of the activities of a business fish operator; certifying officer, as a veterinary officer designated by the competent authority; clean seawater, as natural, artificial or purified seawater without harmful microorganisms, substances or toxic plankton in quantities capable of directly or indirectly affecting the health quality of fish or fish products; microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants; fish business operator; fish products, as any product derived from fish intended for human consumption or for animal feeding; hazard, as a biological, chemical or physical agent, with the potential to cause an adverse health effect; inspection; potable water; primary production; traceability; zoonotic agents and zoonosis.

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