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Federal Law No.48-FZ of 2003 on amendments and addenda to the Federal Law No.191-FZ of 1998 “On Exclusive Economic Zone”.

Russian Federation
Document type
Fisheries, Sea
EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone Research Maritime zone Sovereignty
Geographical area
Arctic, Asia and the Pacific, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, North Pacific, North-West Pacific
Entry into force notes
Entry into force from the date of its official publication.

In the paragraph 11 of the issue 1 of the Article 4 the word “purposes” must be substituted with the word “research”. The title of the Chapter III acquires a new wording “Chapter III. Study and use of inorganic resources.” The title of the Article 16 acquires a new wording: “Study, reconnaissance prospecting an exploitation of inorganic resources”. The title of the Chapter IV acquires a new wording: “Chapter IV. Study of living resources and marine research.” Article 19 acquires a new wording: “Article 19. Principles of carrying out living resources and contents of the request for the authorization to carry out study of living resources.” Article 22 must be excluded. The title of the Article 25 acquires a new wording: “Change of the programme of study of living resources”. The title of the Article 26 acquires a new wording: “Suspension or stopping of study of living resources.” Chapter IV must be supplemented with the Article 26/1 of the following title: “Article 26/1. Marine research.”

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Federal Law No. 191-FZ of 1998 on the Exclusive Economic Zone.

Legislation | Russian Federation | 1998

Keyword: EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone, Marine fisheries, Fishery management and conservation, Research, Maritime zone, Basic legislation, Management/conservation, Sovereignty