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Expropriation of Land holdings for Public Purposes, Payments of Compensation and Resettlement Proclamation, No. 1161 of 2019

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Land & soil
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Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Countries, Least Developed Countries, Sahel

This Proclamation applies throughout the country in rural and urban centers in matters relating to land expropriation, payment of compensation, and resettlement of landholders whose land is expropriated for public purpose. The Proclamation is made on the following principles: that the expropriation of land for public purposes shall be made only on the basis of approved land use plan, urban structural plan, or development master plan; Compensation and resettlement Assistance Compensation for the expropriated land shall sustainably restore and improve the livelihood of displaced people; The amount of compensation to be paid at Federal, or Regional or Addis Ababa or Dire Dawa level for similar properties and economic losses in the same areas shall be similar; Where land is expropriated for public purpose, the procedure shall be transparent, participatory, fair and accountable. The Proclamation provides procedures for the expropriation of land, the power to make the decision is vested on the Federal or Regional Authority with these prerogatives. According to the Proclamation, the Federal or Regional authority shall make decisions on expropriation on the basis of an approved land use plan, or master plan, or structural plan whether the expropriated land directly or indirectly brings better development and is beneficial to the public. The Proclamation also provides for priority rights to develop land for landholders; here, certain landholders and rural landholders shall have priority rights to develop their land according to certain specified factors. Essentially, the law provides for compensation to be paid to landholders where land is expropriated for public purposes and for the amount of compensation to cover the cost of replacing the property anew. The law also provides for displacement compensation for communal landholding and substitute land for the permanently displaced.

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