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Environmental Protection Act 1991 (Law No. 326 of 1991).

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Environment gen.
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Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries

This Act outlines the general principles of environment protection in Bulgaria and provides the framework for the control of the state of the environment and supervision over activities which may harm the environment. The text of the Act consists in 35 articles divided into 6 Chapters, 11 additional sections and 1 annex. Chapter I contains general provisions. The principal that the polluter pays in established in article 3. Moneys raised by pollution charges shall be made available to local, regional and national environment protection funds (art. 3). Chapter II provides for the collection of information on the condition of the environment whereas provisions of Chapter III for control of the state of the environment. Differentiated state control, based on the source of pollution, may be requested by affected citizens and organizations (art. 18). Chapter 4 deals with environment impact assessment: All activities, whether public or private, may be subject to evaluation of their impact on the environment; for those listed in comma 2 environment impact assessment is mandatory (art. 19). Article 20 establishes the right of all parties interested to participate in discussing the results of an evaluation. Chapter 5 outlines duties and powers of state and local authorities. Chapter 6 prescribes offences and provides for compensation of damages. The additional stipulations contain definitions and temporary and concluding provisions. Annex 1 lists projects subject to environment impact assessment.

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Implemented by

Decree No. 4 about Environmental Impact Assessment.

Legislation | Bulgaria | 1998

Keyword: EIA


Amended by

Amendments to the Law on protection of the environment.

Legislation | Bulgaria | 1992

Keyword: Pollution control, EIA, Special fund, Hazardous substances


Repealed by

Environmental Protection Act.

Legislation | Bulgaria | 2002

Keyword: Framework law, Basic legislation, Environmental planning, Environmental standards, EIA, Access-to-information, Air quality/air pollution, Ecosystem preservation, Emissions, Hazardous waste, Pollution control, Soil conservation/soil improvement, Soil pollution/quality, Waste management, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Sustainable development, Sustainable use, Management/conservation, Wild fauna, Wild flora, Biodiversity