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Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development-Takeaway Food and Beverages) Order 2020.

Territorial subdivision
New South Wales
Document type
Food & nutrition, General
Public health Hygiene/sanitary procedures Beverages Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Use restrictions Food quality control/food safety
Geographical area
Asia and the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Indian Ocean, Oceania, South Pacific
Entry into force notes
This Order enters into force on the day of its publication in the Gazette and remains in force for the prescribed period within the meaning of section 10.17 of the Act.

This Order establishes the use of existing premises to prepare and sell food, beverages or any other goods. In particular, the use of the following for the preparation and sale of food or beverages (or both) for persons to consume off the premises is specified as follows: a) a community facility; b) an educational establishment, business premises or office premises that was operating as a cooking school immediately before the commencement of this Order; c) food and drink premises; or d) a function centre. The conditions specified for the development are that the development must: a) be for the use of premises that are the subject of a development consent or premises that may be used for the existing purpose without development consent; and b) in the case of premises, the use of which is authorized by a development consent-comply with all conditions of the consent for the use of the premises other than any condition that restricts. It specifies the following details: hours of trading or operation; use of the premises for food and beverage preparation; use of the premises for food and beverage delivery purposes; sale of prepared or packaged food or beverages (or both) for consumption off the premises; and location of retail sales and food preparation within the premises.

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Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Legislation | Australia | 1979 (2020)

Keyword: Cultural heritage, Indigenous peoples, Basic legislation, EIA, Environmental planning, Dispute settlement, Offences/penalties, Policy/planning, Aquaculture, Freshwater resources management, Sustainable development, Water conservation zone