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Environmental Assessment Regulation (2017: 966).

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Environment gen., Water
EIA Environmental audit Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Transboundary effects Public participation Access-to-information Sustainable development
Geographical area
Arctic, Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries, North Atlantic, North Sea, North-East Atlantic, Northern Europe

This Regulation concerns environment impact assessment as prescribed by Chapter 6 of the Environmental Code. A significant environmental impact assessment shall be carried out in accordance with section 3, first paragraph of Chapter 6 of the Code. The implementation of plans, programmes or amendments of those may include an activity or measure that requires authorization pursuant to Chapter 7 § 28 of the Code. A plan, programme or amendment indicates the conditions for conducting such activities or taking such measures as are specified in section 6 or the Annex to this Regulation and are: a) an action programme according to Chapter 5, Section 8 of the Environmental Code; b) a waste plan according to Chapter 15, Section 41 of the Environmental Code or pursuant to Section 83 of the Waste Ordinance (2011: 927); c) an overview plan according to the Planning and Building Act (2010: 900); d) a regional plan according to Chapter 7, Planning and Building Act; e) a plan for the supply, distribution and use of energy according to the Law (1977: 439) on municipal energy planning; f) a county plan according to the Regulation (1997: 263) on regional plans for regional transport; g) a marine plan according to the Marine Planning Regulation (2015: 400); h) a plan for modern environmental conditions according to section 11 of Chapter 11 of the Environmental Code; or (i) another plan or program relating to agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, industry, transport, regional development, waste management, water management, telecommunications, tourism, land-use planning or land use in accordance with Regulation (2018: 2105).

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Swedish Environmental Code (1998:808).

Legislation | Sweden | 1998

Keyword: Framework law, Institution, Pollution control, EIA, Access-to-information, Agricultural land, Ecosystem preservation, Environmental audit, Environmental planning, GMO, Environmental standards, Inspection, Polluter pays principle, Enforcement/compliance, Offences/penalties, Soil rehabilitation, Management/conservation, Waste management, Waste prevention, Water conservation zone, Waterworks, Drainage/land reclamation, Authorization/permit, Protected area, National parks



Decree relative to environment impact assessment.

Legislation | Sweden | 1998

Keyword: EIA, Environmental audit, Environmental fees/charges, Transboundary effects, International agreement-implementation