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Development, Management and Utilization of Community Watersheds Proclamation No. 1223 of 2020

Document type
Environment gen., Water
Basin/catchment/watershed Drainage/land reclamation Water shortage/drought Environmental planning Environmental standards Groundwater Protection of environment Erosion Flood Surface water Wetlands Gender
Geographical area
Africa, AFRICA FAO, Eastern Africa, Landlocked Developing Countries, Least Developed Countries, Sahel

The Proclamation applies to community watersheds found in the country and defines community watershed as a geographical area, described by the watershed limits of water system including surface and underground water flowing into a common terminus and with the average size of about 500 hectares. The Proclamation develops community watershed by implementing measures to harmonize the use of soil, water and vegetation in a way that conserves these resources and maximize their productivity in the community watershed. Its objectives include: Reducing the vulnerability of the society to drought and enhancing their resilience capacity by preventing environmental and natural resource degradation, protecting biodiversity, developing water resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Enhancing land productivity; increasing the products and productivity of peasants and pastoralists; ensuring food security and job creation through sustainable community watershed protection, development and utilization; Establishing a system which enables the community watershed users to protect, develop, administer and use natural resources with a sense of ownership, with a view to increasing the community watershed users’ capacity. The Proclamation provides that the principles of participation and adherence to the land use plan shall be applied in the preparation of community watershed plan, among others. The Proclamation further advocates for the establishment of cooperative society of community watershed users. Gender balance shall be ensured in any watershed management and utilization process. The Proclamation provides that private or communal holders within a watershed shall have the duty to undertake soil and water conservation works, rehabilitation and maintenance to prevent soil erosion and maintain soil fertility, as well as control and protect animal roaming in order to prevent harm to the watershed development works that have been undertaken, maintain fertility and health of soil by planting and protecting forests, forage trees, and plant species which enhance soil fertility on the boundaries of his farmlands and on the farmlands, and on the sides of walkways within the watershed, among others.

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