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Decree of the Ministry of Environment regarding standard levels of permissible emissions (concentration in waste gases) of harmful substances, emitted into the atmosphere (1991).

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Air & atmosphere
Air quality/air pollution Hazardous substances Emissions Environmental standards Pollution control
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Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries

The standard levels of permissible emissions apply to existing production processes and activities as well as to the design and construction of new industrial and other projects – sources of emission. In cases of reconstruction and modernization of production processes in operation, the standard levels concerning new projects apply. The quantities of production and flue gases and the content of harmful substances in them should be recalculated for standard conditions (760 mm mercury column and °C) and dry gases. Everywhere in the text standard levels in mg/m3 and quantities of gases in m3 are given in standard conditions. Gas emissions from technological production processes are assessed in respect to their content and quantity immediately at the exit of the last technological installation, after which they are led to the treatment facility or are emitted into the atmosphere. If because of technological reasons or safety considerations dilution with fresh air is imperative or if penetration of fresh air into the track leading to the treatment facility is possible, the contaminant levels found after treatment are recalculated into quantities immediately at the exit of the flow line. For this purpose the oxygen content is measured at the exits of the flow line and of the treatment facility and the emission level is recalculated on the basis of these results, excluding the volume of additionally imported air. The testing of emissions by control authorities and by other organizations is carried out using methodologies, recommended by the Bulgarian State Standard, and when such a standard is unavailable – by methodologies approved by the Minister of Environment.

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