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Decree № 151 of 25 July 2018 on the adoption of the Rules of procedure of the Agricultural Academy.

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Agricultural & rural development
Agricultural development Research Institution Education Procedural matters
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Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Europe, EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
This text entered into force on the first day of the month following the month of its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 31 July 2018).

This Decree, based on the provisions of the Law on the Agricultural Academy, defines the structure, the organization and the activity of the Agricultural Academy. The Academy is a national autonomous budget organization under the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for scientific research, for scientific-applied, innovative and educational activity in the field of agriculture and food. The Academy carries out its activity within the framework of the state agrarian policy and the common agricultural policy of the European Union, as: 1. organize and carry out scientific and applied research, innovative and implementation activities and related activities in the field of the agricultural sector and food on the basis of a developed strategy; 2. develop in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MAF) and with the Ministry of Education and Science strategies for development of science and education in the agricultural sector; 3. perform activities assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Environment and Water, other departments and agencies, local and regional authorities with scientific expertise in the field of: protection and rational use of soils, water basins and fish resources; ecology and environmental protection; crop and livestock production; fisheries and aquaculture; food and food industry; agrarian economy, etc.; 4. participate in the elaboration of normative acts, forecasts, programs, projects and strategies for realization of the agrarian policy in the field of the agrarian sector and the food industry on national and regional scale; 5. create, collect, process and store scientific data in the field of the agricultural sector and food and provide them for use by the society; 6. carry out expert, consulting and design activity on projects and programs in the field of the agricultural sector and the foods of national, regional and international importance; 7. conducts procedures under the Law on Academic Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as for the election of academics (full members) and corresponding members of the Academy; 8. carry out training of doctoral students, postgraduates and raising the qualification of persons who are employed in the field of the agrarian sector and the food; 9. carry out information and publishing activities and popularize the results of scientific research; 10. cooperate with research, educational and other organizations in the country and abroad, be a member and participate in the activities of national and international scientific organizations; 11. preserve, maintains and develops genetic resources in the field of the agricultural sector as an invaluable national wealth, which is a guarantor of national security and the prosperity of society; 12. concludes contracts with agricultural producers and other economic entities for implementation of the scientific developments of the Academy, for the scientific service, performance of analyzes and expertises, development of projects, consultations and other services provided by the Academy; 13. perform scientific-applied, applied and experimental-production activity and realize the production from this activity, as well as the products and the rights - object of intellectual property; 14. perform other activities related to the scientific research conducted by it, the application of the scientific results and the accompanying activities.

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Amended by

Decree № 408 of 29 November 2021 amending and supplementing the Rules of Procedure of the Agricultural Academy, adopted by Decree № 151 of the Council of Ministers of 2018.

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Keyword: Agricultural development, Research, Institution, Education, Procedural matters