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Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act (16 U.S.C. 2101-2114).

United States of America
Document type
1978 (2014)
Original source
United States Code - Title 16 - Conservation.
Long title
An Act to authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to provide cooperative forestry assistance to States and others, and for other purposes.
Forestry, Wild species & ecosystems
Forest management/forest conservation Forestry protection measures Agricultural extension Agricultural development Management/conservation
Geographical area
Americas, Arctic, East Pacific, North America, North Atlantic

This Act authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to cooperate on forest management issues with governmental and non-governmental entities dealing with non-Federal forest lands. The Secretary shall, with respect to non-Federal forest lands of the United States, assist in, among other things: (a) the establishment of a coordinated and cooperative Federal, State, and local forest stewardship program for management of the non-Federal forest lands; (b) the prevention and control of insects and diseases affecting trees and forests; (c) the prevention and control of rural fires; (d) the improvement and maintenance of fish and wildlife habitat; (e) the planning and conduct of urban forestry programs; (f) providing opportunities to private landowners to protect ecologically valuable and threatened non-Federal forest lands.

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Agricultural Act of 2014.

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