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California Food and Agricultural Code - Division 1: State Administration - Part 1: The Department of Food and Agriculture - Chapter 3: Other Powers and Duties (secs. 401 - 588)

United States of America
Territorial subdivision
Document type
1967 (2018)
Agricultural & rural development, Livestock, Environment gen., Food & nutrition, Cultivated plants
Institution Agricultural commodities Agricultural development Business/industry/corporations Rural employment Fraud/deceit/adulteration Integrated pest management-IPM/pest management strategies Inspection Authorization/permit Policy/planning Data collection/reporting Research Risk assessment/management Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Contract/agreement Cooperative/producer organization Internal trade International trade Irrigation Procedural matters Biotechnology Classification/declassification Public health Protection of environment Sustainable development Equity Public participation Education Ecological production/organic production Financial agricultural measures Fiscal and market measures Dispute settlement Certification Enforcement/compliance Consumer protection Farming Food security Governance Subsidy/incentive Monitoring Registration Ecosystem preservation Air quality/air pollution Protection of habitats Packaging/labelling Food quality control/food safety Pests/diseases Animal health Plant protection
Geographical area
Americas, North America

This Chapter of the California Food and Agricultural Code contains extensive list of duties and powers of the Department of Food and Agriculture of California. Namely, the department is tasked to promote and protect the agricultural industry of the state; seek to enhance, protect, and perpetuate the ability of the private sector to produce food and fiber in a way that benefits the general welfare and economy of the state; seek to maintain the economic well-being of agriculturally dependent rural

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