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Building Code (2015)

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2015 (2020)
Energy, Environment gen., Land & soil, Sea, Water
Energy conservation/energy production Environmental planning Policy/planning Sustainable development Public health Land-use planning Zoning Public land Cadastre/land registration Private land Soil conservation/soil improvement Soil pollution/quality Sovereignty EEZ-Exclusive Economic Zone Territorial sea Maritime zone Water conservation zone Water supply Sewerage Freshwater pollution Pollution control Water quality standards Surface water Well sinking/boreholes Flood Drainage/land reclamation Navigation
Geographical area
Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries, Northern Europe

The aim of this Code is to promote sustainable development and to ensure the safety, purposeful functionality and usability of the built environment. This Code applies to construction works, their design, building, use and maintenance insofar as this is not governed by other Acts, ratified international treaties or EU legislation. This Code also applies in the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone. This Code does not apply to building work that is carried out forthwith due to an unavoidable and urgent need arising in connection with a rescue event, with countering and eliminating a threat and with alleviating the consequences of a rescue event. Construction works, building work and the use of construction works must be as environmentally sound as possible; this principle also includes the requirement of sparing use of natural resources in the course of building work. The Code, among others, provides for energy performance of buildings; protection zone of construction works; protection zone of public water supply and sewerage systems; construction works in public water bodies; construction works that serve national defence purposes, construction works of security authorities and infrastructure at the national border; and drilled wells, boreholes and dug wells.

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Keyword: Ecofriendly products/ecofriendly processes, Energy conservation/energy production, Internal trade


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