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Animal (Diseases and Importation) Act (No. 31 of 1953).

Antigua and Barbuda
Document type
1953 (1989)
Livestock, Wild species & ecosystems
Basic legislation Animal health Pests/diseases International trade Quarantine Slaughtering Inspection Disinfection/disinfestation Animal welfare Birds Equine-animals Insects
Geographical area
Americas, Caribbean, Latin America and the Caribbean, North Atlantic, Small Island Developing States

This Act introduces certain measures for the control and eradication of diseases affecting all kinds of animals, except poultry. The Act requires owners of diseased animals to keep them separate from other animals and to notify the disease to the inspector or assistant inspectors appointed under this Act. The Act sets out the procedures for the declaration of infected places or infected areas. The Act further provides for slaughter of diseased animals, compensation, regulation-making powers of the Minister and powers of enforcement of inspectors. The Act also prescribes offences and grants powers to the Minister to apply provisions of this Act or rules made under this Act to poultry.

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Repealed by

Animal Health Act No. 12 of 2017.

Legislation | Antigua and Barbuda | 2017

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