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Administrative Order No. 2014-0030 on Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Labelling of Prepackaged Food Products.

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Rules and Regulations amending certain provisions of Administrative Order No. 88-B s. 1984 or the "Rules and Regulations Governing the Labeling of Pre­-packaged Food Products Distributed in the Philippines," and For Other Purposes.
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Asia, Asia and the Pacific, East Asian Seas, North Pacific, South-Eastern Asia

This Order, consisting of 13 sections, covers the labelling of all prepackaged food products, including food supplements, whether locally manufactured or imported into the Philippines. The objectives of this Order are: to promulgate rules and regulations on the revised labeling guidelines of prepackaged food products in order to protect the consumer against hazards to health and safety and provide information and education to facilitate sound choice in the proper exercise of their rights; to establish provisions on the exemption to the requirements of labeling of prepackaged food products which are, in accordance with the practice of trade, to be processed, labeled, or repacked in substantial quantities at establishments other than those where originally processed or packed. Exemptions for Nutrition and Food (including irradiated food) labelling requirements shall be allowed for: a) Food materials for immediate consumption; b) Bulk food materials (including raw materials, ingredients and processed food products) for further processing or repackaging or for catering or food service use and not intended for retail sale, on condition that these are properly identified as may be appropriate and product specifications are provided in supporting documents; c) Food in primary packages with available label space of less than 10 cm2, provided that the secondary packaging contains all the required labeling information.

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Administrative Order No. 88-B s. 1984 on labelling of prepackaged Food Products.

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Keyword: Packaging/labelling, Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings, Food quality control/food safety, Procedural matters, Processing/handling, Consumer protection, Fraud