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Act No. XL of 2008 on natural gas supply and Governmental Decree No. 19 of 2009 (I.30.) implementing the provisions of the Act.

Document type
2008 (2013)
Authorization/permit Data collection/reporting Energy conservation/energy production Internal trade Legal proceedings/administrative proceedings Natural gas Institution Transport/storage
Geographical area
Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
The consolidated version of the Act and of the Decree entered into force on 1 January 2014.

The purpose of this Act is: to create an efficient natural gas market; to exercise the principles of energy efficiency and conservation in the interest of sustainable development; to supply natural gas to the consumers in a safe and smooth way, of adequate quality and at a transparent price; to integrate the national natural gas market into EU markets. The Act must be applied to: (a) the transport through pipelines, the distribution, stocking, trade, consumption and use of natural gas; (b) the operation of natural gas supplying systems; (c) direct services on the site; (d) the installation and operation of direct lines; (e) the development of infrastructures; (f) the supply and distribution of petroleum gas; (g) activities subject to licensing in the field of natural gas supply. The Act consists of 19 Chapters (and of 159 Articles) dealing with the following matters: introductory provisions (Chapt. 1); activities of the natural gas industry (Chapt. 2); promotion of competition on the natural gas market (Chapt. 3); users and consumer protection (Chapt. 4); connection, access and capacity purchase (Chapt. 5); establishment and operation of transport and distribution pipelines and of storage capacity (Chapt. 6); system balance, supply disorder, crisis, resctriction (Chapt. 7); measurement and accounting (Chapt. 8); price regulation and monitoring (Chapt. 9); business regulations (Chapt. 10); licensing (Chapt. 11); sanctions (Chapt. 12); partition of activities (Chapt. 13); common rules concerning certain events subject to corporate law (Chapt. 14); data supply, secrecy, information management (Chapt. 15); legal status, duties and competencies of the Hungarian National Energy Agency (Chapt. 16); mandatory provisions (Chapt. 17); transitional provisions (Chapt. 18); final provisions (Chapt. 19).

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Implemented by

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Amended by

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