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Act No. CXVI of 1996 on atomic energy.

Document type
1996 (2013)
Energy, Environment gen.
Authorization/permit Certification Data collection/reporting Early warning system Energy conservation/energy production Registration Special fund Transport/storage Royalties/fees Liability/compensation Radiation Pollution control Hazardous waste Polluter pays principle Precautionary principle
Geographical area
Eastern Europe, Europe, Europe and Central Asia, European Union Countries
Entry into force notes
The consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 1 January 2014.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure: the peaceful use of atomic energy in industrial, agricultural, health-care and scientific activities, taking into account the risks it may represent to human life and to nature; that national security rules are in conformity with international standards; the protection of the population and the environment against the hazardous effects of ionizing radiation. This Act provides also for administrative duties and obligations of atomic energy users and of the involved authorities, and for the authorization proceedings related to the use of atomic energy. The Government, through the National Atomic Energy Agency governs and controls that atomic energy be used in a safe manner. Nuclear plants must pay a kind of tax to the Agency according to Art. 19 which sets out also the amount of such payment. Duties of control and opinion making regarding the radioactivity of soil are performed by the minister in charge of agricultural issues, while these duties relative to the radioactivity of plants, animals and food of plant or animal origin, and the duties correlated to the analyses and certification of food for international commercial purposes are performed by the minister in charge of food chain control. The control of radioactive pollution of the atmosphere, land and waters is performed by the minister in charge of environmental protection. This Act provides rules also for the storage and disposal of radioactive wastes and spent fuels, for actions to prevent extraordinary events and to mitigate eventual consequences, for the liability for damages arising from the use of atomic energy and for the reimbursement for damages caused. Chapter VI lays down provisions regarding the National Nuclear Fund which is a separate state fund ensuring the financing of: the final disposal of radioactive wastes, the temporary storage of spent fuels, the closing of the nuclear fuel cycle and the nuclear site dismantlement.

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