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50 CFR § 19.1 - 19.32 - Taking, Possession, transportation, Sale, Purchase, Barter, Exportation, and Importation of Wildlife and Plants - Airborne Hunting.

United States of America
Document type
1974 (2022)
Original source
39 Federal Register 1177, 4 January 1974.
Long title
Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries - Chapter I - United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior - Subchapter B—Taking, Possession, transportation, Sale, Purchase, Barter, Exportation, and Importation of Wildlife and Plants - Part 19 Airborne Hunting (50 CFR- Chapter I - Subchapter B- § 19.1 - 19.32).
Wild species & ecosystems
Authorization/permit Hunting/capture Enforcement/compliance Management/conservation Ecosystem preservation Protection of habitats Protection of species Dangerous animal/harmful animal Game
Geographical area
Americas, Arctic, East Pacific, North America, North Atlantic

This Part of Title 50 provide rules relative to the prohibition against shooting or harassing of wildlife from any aircraft, provide the requirements for the contents and filing of annual reports by the States re- garding permits issued for such shooting or harassing, and provide regulations necessary for effective enforcement of the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956 as amended. The prohibitions shall not apply to any person who is acting within the scope of his/her official duties as an employee or authorized agent of a State or the United States to administer or protect or aid in the administration or protection of land, water, wildlife, livestock, domesticated animals, crops, or human life; or to any person who has federal or state permit.

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Fish and Wildlife Service (16 USC Ch. 9, §§741-754e).

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