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International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships

Guidelines for approval of alternative structural or operational arrangements as called for in Regulation 13G(7)of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 - (Resolution 64(36))

Author: IMO

Publisher: Oceana Publications, Inc. New York | 1994

Literature | International

Keyword: Early warning system/emergency intervention system, Marine pollution, Oil pollution, Transport/storage

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-070640)

Some recent regulatory developments in IMO for which there are corresponding requirements in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. A challenge to be met by the States parties?

Author: Wonham J.

In: Marine Policy | Vol. 20(5); 377 - 388; 12 p.

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. | London, UK | 1996

Literature | International

Keyword: Policy/planning, Marine pollution

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-058872)

Inconsistencies between OPA '90 and MARPOL 73/78: What is the effect on legal rights and obligations of the United States and other parties to MARPOL 73/78?

Author: Ayorinde A.A.

In: Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce | Vol. 25(1); 55 - 94; 40 p.

Publisher: Jefferson Law Book Co.- Division of Anderson Publishing Co.. | Cincinnati, OH, USA | 1994

Literature | International | United States of America

Keyword: Marine pollution, Comparative analysis, Oil pollution

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-052195)

The EC Directive on Port State Control in context

Author: Molenaar E.

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law | Vol. 11(2) Special issue; 241 - 287; 47 p.

Publisher: Kluwer Law International | London, UK | 1996

Literature | European Union

Keyword: Navigation, Enforcement/compliance, Transport/storage, Marine pollution (ship-based sources)

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-058536)

International marine environment law: A case study in the wider Caribbean region

Author: Sheehy B.

In: Georgetown International Environmental Law Review | Vol. 16(3); 441 - 472; 32 p.

Publisher: Georgetown University Law Centre | Washington, DC, USA | 2004

Literature | Mexico

Keyword: Protected area, Marine protected areas, Marine area, Comparative analysis, Marine pollution, International agreement-implementation

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-072525)

Legislation, regulation and government administration (concerns Marine Pollution Control Unit)

Author: Stacey M.L.

In: Marine Policy | Vol. 18(6); 501 - 505; 5 p.

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. | London, UK | 1994

Literature | United Kingdom

Keyword: Institutional profiles, Marine pollution, Oil pollution

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-053677)

Implementation of the MARPOL Convention in Bangaldesh

Author: Karim M.S.

In: Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law | Vol. 6 (1): p. 51 - 82; 32 p.

Publisher: Macquarie University Divison of Law | North Ryde, NSW, Australia | 2009

Literature | Bangladesh

Keyword: Marine pollution (ship-based sources), International agreement-implementation

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-085226)

Hazardous goods at sea: Are safe ships and clean seas mutually exclusive? A Canadadian perspective

Author: Barker S.

In: Marine Policy | Vol. 16(4); 306 - 333; 28 p.

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. | London, UK | 1992

Literature | Canada

Keyword: Policy/planning, Freshwater quality/freshwater pollution, Oil pollution, Hazardous substances

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-047543)

Marine pollution and international law: Principles and practice

Author: Brubaker D.

Publisher: Belhaven Press / Pinter Publishers | London, UK | 1993

Literature | International

Keyword: Marine pollution, Oil pollution, Waste disposal, Liability/compensation

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-048710)

Environmental laws of the Commonwealth Caribbean: Analysis and needs assessment

Author: Pollard D.E.E. (ed)

Publisher: Caribbean Law Institute, University of West Indies | Bridgetown, Barbados | 1991

Literature | Anguilla (UK), Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands (UK), Cayman Islands (UK), Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat (UK), Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)

Keyword: Policy/planning, Land-use planning, Soil pollution/quality, Waste management, Freshwater resources management, Forest management/forest conservation, Marine pollution

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-047030)

Resolutions adopted by the

Author: International Maritime Organization

Publisher: Oceana Publications, Inc. New York | 1997

Literature | International

Keyword: Alien species, Marine resources management, Transport/storage, Marine pollution (ship-based sources)

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-070334)

Agenda 21 and prevention of sea-based marine pollution

Author: Nollkaemper A.

In: Marine Policy | Vol. 17(6); 537 - 556; 20 p.

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd. | London, UK | 1993

Literature | International

Keyword: Institution, Marine pollution (ship-based sources)

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-050728)

IMO's response to current environmental challenges

Author: International Maritime Organization

In: IMO News | No. 2; 14 - 27; 14 p.

Publisher: International Maritime Organization | London, UK | 2007

Literature | International

Keyword: Marine pollution (ship-based sources), Alien species, Oil pollution, Recycling/reuse, Marine pollution (dumping at sea), Liability/compensation, Hazardous substances, Navigation, Oil

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-080699)

Plastic Pollution in the Marine Environment

Author: Joyner C.C., Frew S.

In: Ocean Development and International Law | Vol. 22, no 1; 33 - 69; 37 p.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis | Bristol, PA, USA | 1991

Literature | International

Keyword: Marine pollution, Marine mammals, Waste disposal

Source: IUCN (ID: ANA-044954)

Marine Pollution and MARPOL

Author: IUCN

Publisher: IUCN | Gland, Switzerland | 1996

Literature | International

Keyword: Fishery management and conservation, Alien species, Marine pollution (ship-based sources), Marine resources management, International agreement-implementation, Marine pollution

Source: IUCN (ID: MON-091984)