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Resource Mobilization and Partnership Framework of the Ramsar Convention

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Resolution XII.7
Feb 21, 2017
Land & soil, Wild species & ecosystems
Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Feb 2, 1971)
12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties

1. WELCOMING Resolution XII.2 approving the 4th Ramsar Strategic Plan as the basis for the implementation of the Convention during the next two triennia; and NOTING the expressed need to mobilize resources and engage partners to achieve the full suite of goals and targets expressed in the Strategic Plan;

2. RECALLING that Contracting Parties sought through Resolution XI.3 and Resolution XI.6 to support effective collaboration with related Conventions and organizations for implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan;

3. ALSO RECALLING that Resolution X.12 establishes principles for partnerships between the Ramsar Convention and the business sector including criteria for due diligence;

4. ALSO RECALLING that Resolution XI.20 calls for Contracting Parties to promote investment and policy decisions which encourage the wise use of wetlands;

5. ALSO RECALLING Decision III/21 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) recognizing the Ramsar Convention as the lead partner for implementation of activities related to wetlands; and RECALLING the role of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) as one of the most important mechanisms for financing the implementation of wetland priorities in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets;

6. RESPONDING to Decision XII/30 of the CBD, which invites, among others, the governing body of the Ramsar Convention to provide elements of advice, as appropriate, concerning guidance on funding that may be referred to the GEF through the Conference of the Parties to the CBD;

7. RECOGNIZING the importance of the Secretariat focusing on priorities and raising funds;

8. RECOGNIZING the importance of actively supporting efforts to mobilize financial resources in support of the successful implementation of the Convention’s objectives; and

9. REAFFIRMING the commitment of Parties to meet their obligations to pay their annual contributions;


10. RECOGNIZES the need for focused fundraising activities in support of the implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan;

11. REQUESTS the Secretary General to prioritize fundraising activities to fund non-core budget activities from all sources, with a view to significantly increasing non-Party contributions, and to report regularly to the Standing Committee, including on funds raised;

12. REQUESTS the Secretariat, subject to the availability of resources, to identify potential partners, donors and other financing organizations and make that information available to Parties, in particular developing countries, and to facilitate capacity building to assist such Parties to engage in partnerships;

13. REQUESTS that the Standing Committee establish, at its 50th meeting, a mechanism of the Contracting Parties and Secretariat to develop a Resource Mobilization and Partnership Framework and Work Plan, to include development of fundraising targets and timetables for the Secretariat to deliver on the non-core priorities set out in Annex 3 of Resolution XII.1, and to present it to the 51st meeting of the Standing Committee for its consideration;

14. REQUESTS the Standing Committee as a high priority task and with the committed assistance of the Secretariat and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel to respond to the invitation from the Parties to the CBD to provide elements of advice, as appropriate, concerning funding of national and transboundary wetlands initiatives, that may be referred to the GEF through the Conference of the Parties to the CBD;

15. REQUESTS the Secretary General to transmit this advice in a timely manner to the Executive Secretary of the CBD;

16. ENCOURAGES eligible Parties to incorporate national wetlands priorities into their national biodiversity strategies and action plans as part of the process for national wetlands priorities to receive financial support through the GEF;

17. ENCOURAGES Parties to consider allocating, from national budgets, financial resources for the implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan and to explore funding opportunities to enhance national implementation of the Convention, taking into account national circumstances and priorities;

18. ENCOURAGES Contracting Parties from developed countries and other Parties in a position to do so, and INVITES donor agencies, to explore significant new and additional financial resources including by facilitating funding from all sources to support and enhance the implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan, in particular by developing countries, least developed countries, small island developing states and countries with economies in transition;

19. ENCOURAGES Parties to enter into north-south, south-south and triangular cooperation for the successful implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan;

20. REQUESTS Parties and INVITES non-governmental organizations and financial institutions in a position to do so to provide voluntary contributions to support the implementation of the 4th Strategic Plan and other Convention activities;

21. REQUESTS the Secretariat to strengthen partnerships with other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) such as inter alia the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the CBD and others, in order to enhance synergies and sharing of resources, avoid duplication and enhance implementation, respecting the mandate of each Convention; and REQUESTS the Secretariat to provide to the Standing Committee at its 51st meeting a plan onhow to increase cooperation with other MEAs and report regularly actions to the Standing Committee; and

22. ENCOURAGES Parties to channel financial resources to on-the-ground projects which provide concrete results in the implementation of the Convention.