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Implementation Plan “Towards a Pollution-free Planet”

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Mar 11, 2019
Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly
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Implementation plan “Towards a Pollution-free Planet”*

The United Nations Environment Assembly,

Recalling the outcome of the third session of the UN Environment Assembly, its resolutions, voluntary commitments and the Ministerial Declaration “Towards a Pollution-free Planet”, that responds to the need for commitment and leadership from all actors in moving towards a pollution-free planet, and in particular the request to the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme to build on these and prepare an implementation plan on the issue, in consultation with the Committee of Permanent Representatives, for consideration by the Environment Assembly at its fourth session, 

Recalling also resolution A/RES/73/260 of the United Nations General Assembly, which reaffirms that addressing pollution is a crucial element for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,

1. Welcomes the development of the Implementation Plan of the Executive Director “Towards a Pollution-free Planet” (UNEP/EA.4/3) in consultation with Member States and recognizes it as the vehicle for the prompt implementation of the objectives of the declaration, relevant UNEA resolutions, as well as voluntary commitments;

2. Encourages all Member States and relevant stakeholders to contribute to its effective implementation;

3. Invites Member States and others in a position to do so to provide extra-budgetary financial resources to support the implementation of this resolution;

4. Requests the Executive Director to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Plan in the context of UNEP’s current and relevant future Programmes of Work and Budgets, with inputs from Member States and other stakeholders;

4 bis. Further requests the ED to fully and effectively leverage the capacity of UNEPs regional and sub-regional offices and UNEP's partnerships with other relevant UN bodies and partners in contributing to the delivery of this implementation plan;

5. Requests the Executive Director to report on the progress made on the implementation plan “Towards a Pollution free Planet” in UNEP’s reporting on the Programme of Work and Budget during the meetings of the Annual Subcommittee.