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Jurisdiction: International
Type of document: Multilateral
Field of application: Regional/restricted
Title (English): South Pacific Fisheries Treaty
Title (French): Traité sur les pêcheries du Pacifique Sud
Title (other language): Südpazifik Fischerei Abkommen
Date of document: 02 April 1987
Available in: B7 p. 987:26
Depository: Papua New Guinea
Place of adoption: Port Moresby
Available web site: www.ffa.int/
Link to full text: TRE-000976.txt (English)
Number of pages: 11
Appendices: 23
Language of document: English
Abstract: Objectives: To maximise benefits flowing from the development of the fisheries resources within the exclusive economic zones or fisheries zones of the Pacific Island Parties. Summary of provisions: The Treaty establishes a licence system authorising fishing vessels of the United States to operate in the 'Licensing Area' of the Pacific Island Parties, as defined in article 1. The Government of the United States undertakes to co-operate, as appropriate, with the Pacific Island Parties, and promote the maximisation of benefits generated from the operations of its fishing vessels, through the provision of technical and economic support and through, inter alia, the employment of nationals of the Pacific Island Parties and purchase of equipment and supplies form suppliers located in the Pacific Island Parties (art. 2). Parties agree on the responsibility of the United States as flag state for the implementation and enforcement of the Treaty in regards of its vessels (art. 4). Compliance powers of the Pacific Island Parties are provided in article 5.
Subject(s): Fisheries
Keyword(s): data collection/reporting; dispute settlement; enforcement/compliance; fishery management and conservation; fishing licence; fishing vessel; international relations/cooperation; jurisdictional competence; liability/compensation; marine fisheries; registration; legal proceedings/administrative proceedings; offences/penalties
Treaty ID number: TRE-000976

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