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Jurisdiction: International
Type of document: Multilateral
Field of application: Regional/restricted
Geographical area: European Union Countries
Title (English): Single European Act
Title (French): Acte unique européen
Title (Spanish): Acta Única Europea
Title (other language): Einheitliche Europäische Akte
Date of document: 28 February 1986
Entry into force: 01 July 1987
Depository: Italy
Place of adoption: Luxembourg; The Hague
Amendments: 07 February 1992
Available web site: europa.eu/legislation_summaries/institutional_affairs/treaties/treaties_single...
Link to full text: TRE-000896.txt (Spanish); TRE-000896.txt (English); TRE-000896.txt (French)
Number of pages: 42
Appendices: 25
Language of document: English; French; German; Danish; Dutch; Greek; Italian; Portuguese; Gaelic; Spanish
Abstract: Modification of the EEC, EURATOM and ECSC treaties and introduction of a Title VII dealing with environment Objectives: Inter alia, to add to Part Three of the EEC Treaty a Title VII empowering the Community to act in environmental matters with a view to preserving, protecting and improving the environment, to contributing towards protecting human health and to ensuring a prudent and rational utilisation of natural resources (art. 25). Summary of provisions: Parties agree to base their action relating to the environment on the following principles: preventive action, environmental damage to be rectified at source, and the 'ppp' (polluter pays principle). In preparing such action, Parties further agree to take into account, inter alia, scientific and technical data, potential costs and benefits of action or lack thereof, and the balanced development of the Community's regions. All action relating to the environment taken by the Community is to be done in accordance with the subsidiarity principle. Member States of the Community are also to co-operate with third countries and with the relevant international organisations.
Subject(s): Environment gen.; Wild species & ecosystems
Treaty ID number: TRE-000896

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Amended by:

Treaty on European Union (amended by the Treaty of Lisbon) - 07 February 1992

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