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Jurisdiction: International
Type of document: Multilateral
Field of application: Regional/restricted
Title (English): Protocol concerning Co-operation in Combating Pollution Emergencies in the South Pacific Region
Title (French): Protocole de coopération dans les interventions d'urgence contre les incidents générateurs de pollution dans la région du Pacifique Sud
Title (Spanish): Protocolo de cooperación en las intervenciones de emergencia contra los incidentes generados por la contaminacion en la région del pacifico sur
Title (other language): Protokoll betreffend die Zusammenarbeit zur Bekämpfung der Verschmutzung im Südpazifik Gebiet in Notfällen
Date of document: 25 November 1986
Entry into force: 22 August 1990
Available in: B7 p. 986:87/B
Depository: SPEC South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation
Place of adoption: Nouméa
Available web site: www.sprep.org; www.sprep.org/legal/noumea-convention
Link to full text: TRE-000894.txt (English)
Number of pages: 17
Language of document: English; French
Abstract: Objective: To enhance cooperation among the Parties to protect the South Pacific Region from threats and effects of pollution incidents.

Summary of provisions The Parties agree to establish and maintain the means of preventing and combating pollution incidents, and reducing the risk thereof. Such means shall include the enactment, as necessary, of relevant legislation, the preparation of contingency plans, the development and strengthening of the capability to respond to pollution incidents and the designation of a national authority responsible for the implementation of the Protocol (art. 3.2). They undertake to periodically exchange with other Parties current information relating to the implementation of this Protocol (art. 4). They are to establish appropriate procedures to ensure that information regarding pollution incidents is reported as rapidly as possible (art. 5.1). In the event of receiving a report regarding a pollution incident, they undertake to promptly inform all other Parties whose interests are likely to be affected by such incident, the flag State of any vessel involved in it and the competent international organisations (art. 5.2). Each Party requiring assistance to deal with a pollution incident may request the assistance of other Parties (art. 6. 1).

(Source: IUCN ELC, 08.2005, based on UNEP Register of International Treaties and Other Agreements in the Field of the Environment, 1996)
Subject(s): Sea; Waste & hazardous substances
Keyword(s): data collection/reporting; education; hazardous substances; international relations/cooperation; inventory; marine fisheries; marine pollution; marine resources management; monitoring; pollution control; research; resource/damage valuation; marine pollution (land-based sources); marine pollution (ship-based sources); marine pollution (dumping at sea); early warning system/emergency intervention system
Treaty ID number: TRE-000894

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Convention for the Protection of the Natural Resources and Environment of the South Pacific Region - 24 November 1986

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