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Country: Zambia
Title of text: Zambia Development Agency Act (No. 11 of 2006).
Long title of text: An Act to foster economic growth and development by promoting trade and investment in Zambia through an efficient, effective and coordinated private sector led economic development strategy; to establish the Zambia Development Agency as a one stop facility which will ensure, among other matters, client focus, dialogue with the private sector and create confidence in public sector support for business; to provide for the functions and powers of the Agency; to attract and facilitate inward and after care investment; to provide and facilitate support to micro and small business enterprises; to promote exports and globalisation; to streamline bureaucratic procedures and requirements faced by investors; to facilitate industrial infrastructure development and local services; to promote greenfield investments through joint ventures and partnerships between local and foreign investors; to promote and encourage education and skills training so as to increase productivity in business enterprises; to encourage measures to increase Zambia’s capacity to trade and enable business to participate in a competitive global environment; to ensure that the private sector takes advantage of and benefits from international and regional trade agreements; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
Date of text: 12 May 2006
Type of document: Legislation
Available web site: www.parliament.gov.zm
Link to full text: zam97277.pdf
Language of document: English
Abstract: This Act establishes the Zambia Development Agency and the Trade and Industrial Development Fund and makes provision in general for economic development in Zambia. In certain cases, development requires a licence, permit or certificate of registration of the Board of the Agency. Before authorizing development, the Board shall have regard to, among other things, the impact the proposed investment is likely to have on the environment and, where necessary, the measures proposed to deal with an adverse environmental consequence in accordance with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act. The Act also provides for public land to be allocated to investors.
Subject(s): Agricultural & rural development; Land & soil
Keyword(s): agricultural development; institution; special fund; business/industry/corporations; gender and natural resources; public land; EIA
Legislation ID number: LEX-FAOC097277


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