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Jurisdiction: International
Type of document: Multilateral
Field of application: Regional/restricted
Geographical area: Europe
Title (English): Protocol for the implementation of the Alpine Convention in the field of nature protection and landscape conservation
Title (French): Protocole d'application de la Convention alpine dans le domaine de la protection de la nature et de l'entretien des paysages
Title (other language): Protokoll zur Durchführung der Alpenkonvention im Bereich Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege
Date of document: 20 December 1994
Entry into force: 18 December 2002
Available in: B7 p. 991:83/D
Depository: Austria
Place of adoption: Chambery
Available web site: www.alpconv.org/en/convention/protocols/default.html
Link to full text: TRE-001212IT.pdf (Other); TRE-001212.pdf (Other); TRE-001212SN.pdf (Other); TRE-001212.txt (French)
Language of document: French; German; Italian; Slovenian
Abstract: The present Protocol, which consists of five Chapters and two Annexes, has been concluded by the Parties in implementation of the Alpine Convention of 1991, with particular regard to the protection of nature and of the landscape. The aim hereby pursued is the conservation of the natural environment and of the landscape, with a view to guaranteeing the preservation of animal and plant species and their natural habitats and to ensuring the reproduction of natural resources (art. 1). The Parties undertake to enhance the international cooperation to attain such objectives (art. 3). Chapter II of the Convention lays down specific measures to be applied for the above-mentioned purposes. In particular, the signatories undertake to submit, within three years from the entry into force of this Protocol, a report relating to the status of the protection of the landscape and the natural environment, as regards the matters listed out in Annex I (which covers, among others, conditions of wild animals and wild plants, hunting, fisheries, agriculture and grazing, protected areas and nature parks). Articles 7 and 8 concern planning. In accordance with article 15, the Parties shall prohibit hunting and marketing of certain animal species as well as the gathering of certain plants. On the other hand, they shall promote the reintroduction of autochthonous species (art. 16). Article 18 deals with the release of genetically modified organisms. Chapter III regards research, education and information.
Abstract: L'objectif du présent protocole est, en application de la Convention alpine et en prenant également en compte les intérêts de la population locale, de convenir de règles internationales en vue d'assurer la protection, la gestion et, si nécessaire, la restauration de la nature et des paysages de telle manière que le fonctionnement des écosystèmes, la conservation des éléments du paysage et des espèces animales et végétales sauvages, y compris de leurs habitats naturels, la capacité de régénération et de production à long terme du patrimoine naturel, la diversité, l'originalité et la beauté des paysages naturels et ruraux dans leur ensemble soient garantis durablement, ainsi que de promouvoir la coopération des Parties contractantes nécessaire à cette fin.
Link to abstract: TRE001212AB.pdf
Subject(s): Forestry; Land & soil; Wild species & ecosystems
Keyword(s): access-to-information; alien species; biodiversity; data collection/reporting; economy and environment; ecosystem preservation; EIA; hunting/capture; international agreement-text; international relations/cooperation; inventory; land-use planning; local government; management/conservation; monitoring; mountain area; protected area; protection of habitats; protection of species; stock enhancement/repopulation; survey/mapping; wild fauna; wild flora; wildlife products
Treaty ID number: TRE-001212

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Convention concerning the Protection of the Alps - 07 November 1991