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Country: Indonesia
Title of text: Law on Water Resources Development (Law No. 11 of 1974).
Date of text: 26 December 1974
Source: Ministry of Public Works, "Compilation of regulations on water resources development", pp. 1-22.
Source: Government Gazette No. 65, 26 December 1974.
Type of document: Legislation
Link to full text: ins1336.pdf
Language of document: English
Abstract: The Law (17 articles) is a framework law that establishes the principles and objectives of water management, conservation and development. It provides for the Right of Control and Competences of the State (chap. III), General and Project Planning (IV), Management (V), Utilization (VI), Operation and Maintenance (VII), Conservation (VIII), Financing (IX), Penal Provisions (X), Transitory Provisions (XI) and a Final Provision (XII).The powers of the Government are specified in article 3 as follows: 1) management and development of the utilization of water and water resources; 2) issuance or licensing for water uses on the basis of the relevant general and project plans; 3) regulation of the utilization, purpose of use, supply, exploitation of water and water resources. The management and development of water resources shall be based on general and project plans, upon the survey and inventory of said resources.
Comment: All provisions in existing water legislation not contradictory to this Law shall continue in force.
Subject(s): Water
Keyword(s): authorization/permit; industrial water use; irrigation; policy/planning; public water; water charges; water conservation zone; water rights; water supply; waterworks
Legislation ID number: LEX-FAOC001336


Implemented by:

Government Regulation on Water Management Regulation (No. 22 of 1982). - 12 August 1983

Government Regulation on Irrigation (No. 23 of 1982). - 12 August 1982

Repealed by:

Law No. 7/2004 on Water Resources. - 18 March 2004

Regional Regulation of the Special Capital Province of Jakarta No. 1/2004 RE Taxes on the extraction and use of groundwater and surface water. - 10 March 2004