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Legislation: record details (return)

Country: Ghana
Title of text: Ghana Forestry Commission Act (Act No. 405 of 1980).
Date of text: 22 March 1980
Source: Official publication, 14 pp.
Type of document: Legislation
Link to full text: gha3071.pdf
Language of document: English
Abstract: This Act provides for the establishment of the Ghana Forestry Commission as a body corporate. The functions of the Ghana Timber Marketing Board, the Forest Products Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Forestry Department and the Department of Game and Wildlife shall be exercised under the supervision of the Commission. (29 sections)
Comment: Amendments various enactments listed in section 28.
Subject(s): Forestry
Keyword(s): institution
Legislation ID number: LEX-FAOC003071



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