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Jurisdiction: International
Type of document: Multilateral
Field of application: Regional/restricted
Geographical area: Africa; Eastern Africa
Title (English): Agreement on the Preparation of a Tripartite Environmental Management Programme for Lake Victoria
Title (French): Accord concernant la préparation d'un programme de gestion tripartite de l' environnment du lac Victoria
Title (other language): Abkommen über die Erstellung eines Dreiparteien- Umweltmanagementprogramms für den Viktoriasee
Date of document: 05 August 1994
Entry into force: 05 August 1994
Available in: B7 p. 994:59
Depository: UN United Nations
Place of adoption: Dar es Salaam
Available web site: www.iwlearn.net/iw-projects/Fsp_112799468783
Link to full text: TRE-001199.txt (English)
Language of document: English
Abstract: Objectives: To initiate and implement a five-year programme to strengthen regional coordination in the management of Lake Victoria resources. Summary of provisions: Attachments to the Agreement set the content of the management programme which is to be implemented by the Parties (art 1). Attachment 1 provides for Components and Preparatory Activities for a Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme. Parties agree to develop a regional co-operative framework and to integrate management of lake basin resources into other resources uses. Main focus is to be given to fisheries management, water hyacinth control, management of water quality and land use. Attachment 5 sets the action plan for the preparation of the management programme. Institutional mechanisms: A Regional Policy and Steering Committee is to be established, with a Regional Secretariat to assist it. Two Regional Task Forces with Terms of References are to be designated to specifically address different aspects of Lake Victoria resources management (art. 2).
Link to abstract: TRE001199.rtf
Subject(s): Water; Fisheries; Waste & hazardous substances; Wild species & ecosystems
Keyword(s): wetlands; fishery management and conservation; freshwater resources management; data collection/reporting; monitoring; inland fisheries; alien species; research; EIA; afforestation/reforestation; water supply; potable water; erosion; agricultural land; land-use planning; sustainable use; early warning system/emergency intervention system; waste disposal; survey/mapping; law reform/harmonization/deregulation
Treaty ID number: TRE-001199

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